Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company) recently announced the following:

“Nitro beers are known for their captivating cascades and smooth creaminess. Yet for many, nitro is solely linked to stout. We experimented with all sorts of styles and discovered that nitrogen truly can be the missing fifth beer ingredient (after hops, malt, water, and yeast). So after months of brewing and tasting we’re excited to announce the release of our Nitro Project in January 2016. We’ll be debuting three nitrogenated beers – White Ale, IPA, and Coffee Stout – all of which will be available in widget cans, with Nitro White Ale also on draft. Check back in the next few months for more information on where you’ll be able to find these creamy, smooth brews near you!”



So there will be 3 nitro versions of Samuel Adams beers coming to shelves soon. We will have to get our alien hands on these and see how they compare to the existing non-nitro versions. Here’s hoping that the Nitro Program is a success and that we see many more nitro beers from them.

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