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What an idea! Take one of your popular craft beer, in this case Rogue Farm Chipotle Ale, and distill it. If you know anything about Rogue Ales & Spirits is that they are not followers; and they are always pushing the boundaries. Now, I am not sure they are not the first to do this. Obviously the process of making a spirit is basically the same process as making a beer, extract sugars form gains, boil the wort, etc. Yeah yeah, we know. However, the process of taking an already brewed beer and distill it is something new to me.  Rogue was kind enough to give us Aliens a 750ml of their Chipotle Spirit, which by the way, is no longer available for purchase. (It is good to be an Alien)

Rogue Chipotle Spirit sits at 40% ALC/VOL, about 80 proof. The spirits is crystal clear with a few sediment floating in the bottle that can be seen if bottle is shaken. The initial aroma remind us of a good tequila with spicy undertones. Of course the first thing we did was lick some salt, took a small amount and chased it with a lime wedge. The result: Delicious! We did this a few times, enjoying it more than the last one.

Next thing we tried to make was a Margarita. The only thing we had on hand was Strawberry-Lime margarita mix. The concoction came out pretty good but we felt that drinking it straight was the way to go. It is the only way you can appreciate the subtle chipotle flavors that comes through the spirit. 

I can see The Rogue Chipotle Spirit being a very versatile spirit, one that should be in everyone’s homemade bar. This is practically bad because as I mentioned before, this spirit is no longer available for purchase. One can only hope that Rogue decides to make this available in the near future. If you find this ANYWHERE, buy it.



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