River Rat Brewery Dares Beer Drinkers of the South to Shut Their Mouth

River Rat Brewery Dares Beer Drinkers of the South to Shut Their Mouth

River Rat Brewery Dares Beer Drinkers of the South to Shut Their Mouth


River Rat Brewery announces its release of And I Shut My Mouth, a sweet potato imperial stout, just in time for Thanksgiving. River Rat collaborated with Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL to create a seasonal 9 percent ABV imperial stout steeped in Southern roots, literally. And I Shut My Mouth will be available exclusively while supplies last at River Rat in 12 oz. bottles beginning Tuesday, Nov. 24.

And I Shut My Mouth is brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla beans and 200 pounds of local South Carolina sweet potatoes to form a medium- to full-bodied stout that coats your mouth with the aromatic flavor of a homemade sweet potato pie. “We wanted a beer that represented Southern roots and flavor,” said River Rat Owner Mike Tourville. “We connected with our friends at Cigar City to perfect our recipe, which includes a 16 hour brew day.”

Collaborative brewing is a fast-growing phenomenon in the craft beer world. River Rat invited Cigar City to their Oktoberfest event earlier this fall, where the two decided to brew together with a homegrown ingredient none of them had ever used – sweet potatoes.

“This beer is important to us because it shows the respect our breweries have for one another. We all have a passion for beer and we learn from each other when we collaborate,” said River Rat Head Brewmaster Tyler Pawelkop. “This shows River Rat can use different, non-traditional ingredients in the brewing process and still deliver an exceptionally adjunct beer.”

River Rat Brewery is located near iconic Williams-Brice Stadium at 1231 Shop Road. The brewery distributes its collection of five permanent and five seasonal beers throughout South Carolina and North Carolina.

Located in Columbia, SC, River Rat Brewery was founded in 2013. River Rat Brewery creates craft beers that satisfy anyone after a long day’s work. Using only the finest ingredients, we test and refine every sip in order to create the best damn beer we’ve ever tasted. Perfectly balanced, refreshingly bold and deliciously drinkable. http://www.riverratbrewery.com

Cigar City Brewing of Tampa, FL was rated the #3 brewery in the world by RateBeer in 2011 and has won gold and silver medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

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