Rightside Brewing Releases Beer Mocktail Recipe Guide

Rightwing Brewing | Devils River Whiskey

Rightside Brewing announces the release of their mocktail recipe guide using their non-alcoholic Citrus Wheat and IPA.

Mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, are beverages that look and often taste like regular cocktails, but without the alcohol. A lot of people may not think to include beer in their mocktail recipes, but beer adds body, bubbles and a frothy kick to cocktails.<

“When I was pregnant, I dreamed up Rightside with the goal of increasing availability of non-alcoholic choices, and providing mocktail recipes is a way to multiply the number of drink choices with our beer,” Rightside Brewing founder Emree Woods said.

Mocktails, like non-alcoholic beer, are part of the growing non-alcoholic health trend. Mocktails are lower in calories and can include nutrient dense ingredients to amplify the health benefits.

All the recipes in the mocktail guide include healthy ingredients like fresh fruit, coconut water, vegetable juice, and more.

Rightside Brewing teamed up with mixologists around the country to create the guide. Contributions from The Sober Dietitians, Erin Petrey, Noelle D’Amato and Mocktail Mo made this all possible.

For a PDF copy of the mocktail guide, please email emree@rightsidebrewing.com . If interested in a story, the founder, Emree Woods and the mixologists are also open to an interview.

For more information on Rightside Brewing and the latest updates on its products, visit www.RightsideBrewing.com, Facebook and on Instagram at @RightsideBrewing.<