I have been analyzing many beers, but this is the first beer that I analyzed before the beer made me travel time. This is the beer called Pilsner and was given to me by the kind humans at Mission Brewery. I accepted the beer gracefully and was excited to take the beer back to the mothership for analysis.

When pouring the beer from the bottle into my glass chalice, I noticed it poured a light golden color, with a two digit, white colored head that left a nice lacing down the glass.

I then placed the chalice up to my face and smelled the nice country smells of straw, bread, toasted grain, light spicy hops and dried fruit. I then knew that the taste was going to be out of this world.

I slowly sipped the beer and from my experience at this Earthling beverage, I tasted other human tastes like black pepper, nuts, straw and hop bitterness. The spices hit early and finish with mild hop bitterness.

There was heavy carbonation, but it was just enough for this beer. The consistency was a bit watery, but was crisp and refreshing on the tongue.

I would recommend this beer to anyone who wants a refreshing and tasty beer on a warm summer day. This beer is dry hopped, but is just enough to give it an extra dimension in aroma and flavor. This is by no means anything close to an IPA, as far as bitterness goes. I would go as far as say it has a slight West Coast feel to a Czech pilsner.

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