has posted a very interesting writeup on proper etiquette regarding kegs.  Many people get a keg from their local brewery, pay the deposit and feel that they own the keg if they do not get their deposit back.  This is not true.  Keeping or defacing a keg is in fact illegal.

Keg Etiquette

  • When you put a deposits down on a keg, you’re renting, not buying.
  • The keg remains the property of the brewery.
  • Any keg you rent should be returned in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Always store empty kegs securely until you can return them to the place of purchase.
  • Never tamper with, mishandle, abuse or alter a keg.
  • It’s common sense: If you lose your deposit because you left your keg in your garage for a year, you still don’t own the keg.
  • This goes for you too homebrewers! Turning a rented keg into a keggle or grill is vandalism. Not to mention it’s illegal!
  • Only purchase kegs from a seller who holds legal title to those kegs.
  • Legal title should be transferred to you by the seller.

I found this interesting because I know many homebrewers who use keggles (kegs that are cut and used as a kettle), and I am sure they never thought they did something illegal.


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