While flying over Northern California, we decided to make a quick stop an 21st Amendment Brewery in San Leandro Ca. This is a fairly new location for the 16 year old company that after out growing it’s production with distribution partner in Minnesota, bringing the beer back to the Bay Brea was the right decision. 

The company settled into what used to be the Kellogg Corn Flakes cereal building back in the 1990’s. The building now houses 21st Amendment state-of-the-art brewhouse along with a small tasting room. The site is massive, housing everything from huge fermenters to automatic mills. They even clarify their beers by using a centrifuge machine rather than filters. Farmers can then come by and pick up all the spent grains they need at no cost. This saves the company money but also keeps big hauling trucks away. There’s no doubt in my mind that the goal for 21st Amendment is to be a Green Company.

The beers is what you will expect from 21st Amendment. Crisp, refreshing, hoppy, sour… There’s something for everyone. Of course the highlights were Hell or High Watermelon (which they serve with a watermelon spike), El Sully (Mexican Lager) and Monk’s Blood. But the cream of the crop was the Toaster Pastry (IRA) which pays homage to the building’s former life. 

If you ever find yourself in the Bay Area, do yourself a favor. Visit this brewhouse and take the tour but most of all; Drink the beers.


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