Clean Water Services shared a new video Tuesday that follows the progress of the Pure Water Brew competition, from water collection and purification to brewing and judging.

The Pure Water Brew Competition was the first-ever challenge to home brewers to create the best tasting suds with water drawn from the Tualatin River immediately downstream from one of Oregon’s largest wastewater treatment plants. This week, the top four beers were featured at the WateReuse Association’s One Water Innovations Gala in New Orleans as part of WEFTEC, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference.


The competition was a unique public/private collaboration of the Oregon Brew Crew, Clean Water Services and Carollo Engineers to get people talking about water.


In June, 1,000 gallons of water was pulled from the Tualatin River immediately downstream from Clean Water Services’ wastewater treatment facility, where the flow is 30 percent effluent. The water was put through Clean Water Services’ high purity water treatment system to clean it above and beyond drinking water standards. After purification, the water was offered to Portland-area home brewers who used it to brew beer for the Oregon Brew Crew’s groundbreaking Pure Water Brew competition. Thirteen brewers crafted 16 styles of beer.


Sponsors of the competition are Carollo Engineering, a national environmental engineering firm that produces water treatment systems and the Oregon Brew Crew, one of the oldest and largest home brewing associations in the country.

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