Pure Project to Collect 1,000,000 Lbs. of Ocean-Bound Plastic

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Pure Project, a San Diego craft brewery known for its efforts in reducing plastic waste–among other sustainable practices–has announced a 10-year goal to remove over 1,000,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic. Pure Project has partnered with Plastic Bank, a global social enterprise working to stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who help collect it, to achieve this goal.

Currently, over 90% of plastic isn’t recycled, but Plastic Bank is helping to change that. By building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities they can reprocess the materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.

In December 2019, Pure Project announced its partnership with Plastic Bank called “Pounds for Pints.” Thus far, the partnership has prevented over 70,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from entering the oceans. That’s nearly 1,700,000 plastic bottles.

Additionally, Pure Project offset the plastic footprint of both their business and their employees’ individual lives for the year as well, making them a Plastic Regenerative company.

“Being located in San Diego, with miles of pristine coastline, and having founders and employees who surf, sail, hike, camp, and more, plastics pollution is a big deal to us,” says Pure Project Co-founder Mat Robar.

Despite the commitments currently set by governments and industries to reduce plastic emissions, the American Chemistry Council predicts plastic production will more than double by 2050. Clearly, correcting the plastic pollution problem will require a fundamental change in thinking about how plastics are made, used, and disposed of.

Plastic Bank, together with their partners and collectors, has thus far recovered over 31,000,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic. They do this by turning plastic waste into currency, where collectors receive a premium in exchange for the materials they collect, to better help them provide basic family necessities. So by monetizing waste, Plastic Bank not only addresses plastic pollution, but also the core issue of poverty.

pure project plastic | Beerathon

Pure Project believes in Plastic Bank’s approach as a root-cause solution to ocean plastic, and hopes that this collaboration will spark other “Pounds for Pints” initiatives with Plastic Bank, both nationally and globally.

Do you want to offset your plastic footprint?

Pure Project recommends checking out the Plastic Bank website for both companies and individuals.