Pure Project instead of Resident Brewing to take over Vista location of now defunct Iron Fist Brewing

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Pure Project, a San Diego-based craft brewery, has announced that it is pursuing the former Iron Fist Brewing facility in Vista, CA. This comes after Resident Brewing had originally planned to acquire the space from the 10-year Vista brewing veteran after it announced its closure in March.

“We regret to announce that we will not be acquiring the former Iron Fist facility in Vista,” said Jordan McDonald of Resident Brewing. “Last minute complications with our sources of financing made securing the space within the requested timeframe impossible. We were excited to join the North San Diego County brewing community and provide a location for our fans up north to enjoy Resident beer. We remain actively searching for opportunities to both expand our brewing capacity and open additional tasting rooms throughout the county, so expect to hear from us again soon! We couldn’t be any more excited for our longtime friends and collaborators at Pure Project. We hold an immense amount of respect for their commitment to quality, sustainability and the wellbeing of their employees, and know the beer drinkers of Vista will love their new neighbors.

After five years in its current Miramar location, Pure Project is looking to expand its brewing operations and the 13,850 square-foot Vista facility will allow for growth both in production and staff.

After 5 years we are excited about the opportunity to own our own brewery as we look to the future,” said Pure Project Co-founder Mat Robar. “Should all go according to plan, it will be a phased move and we plan to keep the Miramar tap room and brewery for the foreseeable future.”

Home to nearly 20 craft breweries, Vista provides an ideal community for Pure Project to relocate up operations. If escrow proceeds as planned, Pure Project will be proud to join its neighbors in producing its small batch, ingredient-centric beers in North County. The new location will house brewing and canning operations, expanded administrative offices, as well as a new outdoor tasting room. Pure Project’s Miramar location will continue to operate as an additional brewery and tap room, along with its other two tap room locations in Balboa Park and Carlsbad.

[Editor’s Note: The Beer Aliens were sad when Iron Fist Brewing announced it was closing. We spent many a happy hour in the tap room and watched Iron Fist grow year after year. We are, however, excited to see what Pure Project will do with the space and we wish all parties involved the best.]

For more information about Pure Project, visit: http://www.PureBrewing.org

For more information about Resident Brewing, visit: http://www.residentbrewing.com