As visitors to planet Earth, we have seen many strange things. We have studied your history and discovered some crazy things that you humans have done to yourselves. Wars, slavery and crime are rampant on this planet, but it appears that is the human way. During our research, we discovered a particularly disturbing event in the history of the United States… Prohibition.

On January 17, 1920, the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution became effective. It enabled the creation of the Volstead Act which, at a federal level, allowed for the banning of alcohol!!! That made the private ownership and/or consumption of alcohol illegal. This of course included beer. In some states, possession of alcohol itself was illegal. Untold barrels of beer and other alcohol were dumped into sewer drains, rivers and who knows where else. 1,568 breweries closed that day. Others had to adapt and market candy, soda, etc in order to stay open.


The rumors of us aliens visiting and offering to “dispose” of some of the beer can neither be confirmed nor denied.

Historical records show that many rich families were allowed to keep their wine, beer, and other alcohol that was commercially produced and purchased, while the home brewers and distillers were “breaking the law.” Again, you humans are your own worst enemies. You should research all the craziness that happened as a result of Prohibition. It is a fascinating window on what it means to be a human.

On Dec 5, 1933 (13 YEARS later), the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution thus ending Prohibition nationwide.


So today, make sure you visit a brewery or purchase some craft beer in celebration that you, a human, have the right to do so. Not that long ago in your history, that right was taken away.


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