Excited for Portland Beer Week? So are we humans!! The celebrations will begin June 9th, 2016 and run until June 19th, 2016. Check out below for more details:

The Grass-Roots Organization Celebrates Craft Beer Culture and Pushes New Boundaries
This June, the City of Roses is poised to host the 6th Annual Portland Beer Week presented by Portland Brewing Co. The 11-day festival runs from June 9th through the 19th and will feature breweries of every size from all over the nation. Portland Beer Week celebrates the city as a leader and innovative force in the beer world.The festival kicks off with a weekend dedicated to rye and fruit beers, offering a variety of educational seminars and engaging activities. The events aim to inspire the beer & food industry to push boundaries, while providing consumers with new knowledge and entertainment.
“Think beer at 360 degrees,” says Ezra Johnson-Greenough — co-founder of Portland Beer Week with Kerry Finsand and the man behind The New School, Portland’s leading voice for anything beer-related. “Alongside fun events open to the public, we have partnered with Oregon State University to offer industry folks a series of seminars, from beer-branding and marketing, to barrel-aging and sour and wild ale. We aim at providing a platform to unleash new ideas and learn from each other.”
To celebrate the spirit of cross-pollination between the food and beer worlds, Blue Star Donuts is releasing a special beer donut and Salt & Straw Ice Cream an official beer flavor. Each made with Portland Beer Week’s official beer, a collaboration between Double Mountain Brewing and Portland Brewing. More food, drink, pairing highlights and special collaborations await an exciting and packed 11 days of beer.
Many local businesses came on board to support the festival, among them are Columbia Distributing, Whole Foods, Society Hotel, Travel Portland, Double Mountain, Portland Brewing, Fort George and McMenamins.
  • June 9th: Kickoff Party
  • June 10th: Rye Beer Fest
  • June 10-12th: Portland Fruit Beer Festival
  • June 13th: New Oregon Breweries Showcase @ Bailey’s Taproom
  • June 13th: Beer & Sushi Pairings @ Roscoe’s with Miyamoto Sushi
  • June 12-17th: Oregon State University Seminar Series
  • June 16th: Brewers and Their Bands Concert & Jam Session @ Ecliptic Brewing
  • June 17th: Women in Beer Event & ‘The Love of Beer’ 5 Year Anniversary Screening @ Mission Theater
  • June 18th: Portland Beer and Cheese Fest @ Wayfinder
  • June 19th: Snackdown: Top Brewers and Chefs pair bites and beers @ The Evergreen (above Loyal Legion)
 For Portland-Brewing-Logoa full listing of Portland Beer Week festivities: visit http://pdxbeerweek.com/ or check out their facebook page.
For more information on Portland Brewing Company be sure to check out their:

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Be sure to follow us on Social Media as we invade more breweries and discover more awesome craft beers from all over the world! Cheers humans!

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: beeralien

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