Port Brewing Company Wipeout IPA Review
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Wipeout IPA comes to us from Port Brewing Company. The connection between Port Brewing Company and Pizza Port Brewing Company can be confusing for some humans, so here is a snippet from Port Brewing’s website explaining it!

Aren’t Port Brewing and Pizza Port the same?

Nope. Two of our founders, Vince and Gina Marsaglia, are the owners of the Pizza Port empire, and a third Port Brewing founder — Tomme Arthur — used to be head brewer at Pizza Port.

It’s true that Port Brewing spun-off of Pizza Port several years ago, but it’s a completely separate company with its own brewers, employees and direction. Even the beer names we share with Pizza Port — Hop 15, Shark Attack, Wipeout (holdovers from when our head brewer was theirs) — have gone in different directions. (If you think TV shows, we’re the Frazier to Pizza Port’s Cheers.)                                   – PortBrewing.com

Wipeout is one of Port Brewing’s flagship beers and is a great IPA to be shared at a BBQ or after hitting the beach.


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Appearance: Wipeout IPA pours a hazy golden color with a large white head that settles nicely.

Aroma: Strong Citrus aroma with hints of lemon, light refreshing aroma. Hints of malt mixed in

Flavor: Rich malty flavor with other floral and citrus fruits, Orange and lemon.

Mouthfeel: Medium body, crisp and refreshing with mild carbonation. Slight bitter aftertaste.

Overall: Wipeout IPA is a very solid year round beer. It is very refreshing with a great citrus and floral taste combined with a hint of malt. Pizza Port Brewing Company fans should definitely give this a try! Great addition to the Port Family, Cheers!


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