Pombe, an innovative provider of mobile beer applications, will be launching its first application tomorrow evening at SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience May 9-10 in Washington, DC. With company locations in Dulles, VA and Michigan, Pombe was founded on the principle of connecting people to businesses and events that provide them with the beers they enjoy.

Specifically for SAVOR , the Pombe mobile application will provide attendees with features that will prepare them for the beer tasting event including: creating a wish list of tastings; an interactive guide to the event floor that also identifies pre-selected choices; detailed information about each breweries’ food pairings; and a guide to the events’ various Salons.  While at the event, Pombe users will be able to check-in and rate their beers with full-integration with Untappd, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please watch for Pombe’s post-event plans which include:

  • Extension of the check-in capabilities to include non-event beers;
  • Support for additional events beyond Savor allowing users to plan and access information for  multiple beer events;  and
  • Long-term capabilities which will tie retail and restaurant beer availability to a user’s “watch list”.

For more information about Pombe, please visit http://about.pombe.com/.  If you would like to speak with a company representative, please let me know.

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