Beer Review: Modern Times Phalanx IPA

Beer Review: Modern Times Phalanx IPA

Beer Review: Modern Times Phalanx IPA


Since Modern Times very successful Kickstart campaign, they have been growing non stop.  So Modern times have been around for over a year now.  In that time, they have opened their brewery in Point Loma that started out as only draft tasters.  They then moved on to canning their 4 signature beers, and eventually opened up a tasting room in North Park on the 30th Street Beer Corridor.  This is a lot to accomplish in just 1 year.  I can’t think of another start up brewery getting so much done in just their fist year.

This brings me to Phalanx.  As far as I know, this is the first beer they have released in bottles.  This is a 7.5%ABV, 100IBU Double IPA that is marketed as “juicy” and I couldn’t agree more.  This thing is a juice bomb!  It probably should be in a category of it’s own, not just a double IPA.

I poured it into the pictured tulip glass and it was an orange color, with a nice thick white head with even suds.  When drinking it, the head dissipated a bit, but left a nice halo of foam that gave nice rings of lacing down the glass.

The smell was fantastic!  Big sweet notes of peach, and caramel, with a slight grape aroma.  I was really excited to taste this after the visual and aromatic examination of this beer.  I took this beer in for a taste, and the smell did no deceive.  This beer is fantastic!  Phalanx is brewed with Australian Summer hops (adding the peach and mellon notes), Chinook hops (adding a some citrus in the finish), and Horizon (offering a bit of a resin taste). The main taste was peach, grape, melon and grapefruit.  This is not your average IIPA, with big pine and citrus notes.  This thing is juicy!  It seriously tastes like fresh fruit juice.  100 IBUs? Phalanx is not bitter at all!  This goes to show you that the IBU measurement is total shit.

The mouthfeel was clean,  and not sticky or viscous.  The carbonation was kinda on the light side, but enough for a decent head.  It went down very smooth, like a glass of fresh apple juice.

Phalanx really is an incredible beer.  It’s refreshing and tasty, but redefines what an IPA is.  I am looking forward to trying more Australian and New Zealand hops for their juicy elements.  Have you tried Nelson from Alpine Brewing?  Well, this isn’t too far from that.  I experienced peach, melon, grape and orange zest.  Very juicy!

Modern Times Phalanx
Modern Times Phalanx

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