Ommegang Brewery Nirvana IPA Beer Review
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Ommegang’s Nirvana IPA Beer pours golden and pale, around a 12 SRM. There is a nice white head that does not last long, but gives off a huge citrus aroma. It is lightly carbonated, which leaves the palate wanting another sip.

There is a huge aroma from this beer, lots of Citrus, from all the Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. These hops also create a peachy, lychee and grapefruit aroma.

The citrus flavor on this beer is even more pronounced than the aroma. There is more grapefruit flavor (but more like grapefruit rind, due to the little bit of hop bitterness). There is also a touch of honey and a subtle earthiness. Since this beer has so much citrus, you don’t pick up a lot of the hop bitterness, it is around a 40IBU.

This is a very citrus-filled, easy to drink, American IPA, filled with a lot of American hop varieties. The American hops that are used in Ommegang’s Nirvana IPA give it a pleasant citrus and tropical nose and flavor profile.

I would pair this beer with a mandarin chicken salad. The citrus aroma and flavor, along with the light fruity flavor and the slight hop bitterness would compliment the light, citrus, meatiness of the chicken. The almonds would help bring out the smidge of earthiness of the beer as well.


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