This is one for the beer fanatics and the foodies: an unlikely duo that will satisfy snack cravings and leave you thirsty for a cold one. DeLallo’s new guide on olives and beer gives you a game plan for your next entertaining occasion—from happy hour bites and movie night snacking to game day get-togethers and holiday parties.

“The popularity of microbrews and local hometown breweries are everywhere, and so customers have been looking for ways to snack and entertain with these favorite ales and IPAs,” says Giuliana Pozzuto, Marketing Director for DeLallo. “Munching on olives with beer is nothing new, but we wanted to bring that partnership to the forefront and explore some of their best flavor combinations.”

If you’re tired of the same old happy hour snacks—pretzels, chips and crackers—olives just may be the next best thing in your entertaining and snacking arsenal. Olives are a tasty alternative to the ordinary snacking carb, one that brings on the thirst with its salty, savory bliss. DeLallo is the country’s expert in olives and antipasti and pros at entertaining. After much fun experimenting, we’ve come up with our official Olive + Beer Pairing Guide.

Visit and check out Olive + Beer Pairing Guide, plus more pairing and recipe inspiration.

About The George DeLallo Company
The George DeLallo Company is a family-owned and operated Italian foods manufacturer and distributor based just outside of Pittsburgh, in Jeannette, PA. Along with specialty Italian products that include pasta, pasta sauces, olive oils, vinegars, bruschettas and peppers, the company offers a full line of Olives & Antipasti sourced from all around the world. DeLallo believes that the best dishes are made with fresh, simple ingredients—the heart of Italy’s celebrated cuisine. For over 60 years, DeLallo has made it easy to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean, founded on a passion for great food and generations of family tradition.

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