Novo Brazil Brewing Company

With 15 different beers available, the tap room is very spacious, including shiny tanks, a long wooden bar, and colorful artwork, featuring depictions of the friendly toucan found on Novo’s beer cans and glasses. There are also occasionally Food Trucks on site throughout the week. 
(Red Ale/American Amber)
5.2% ABV
30 IBU’s
A moderate, hoppy beer with a distinct caramel malty flavor, which has a subtle sweetness on the finish.  This beer tends to focus on the malts, but hop character is very balanced and mainly is noticeable on the backend.  The caramel malt characteristic being very pronounced and definitely leads the way throughout the beer.

As the beer flows from the can, the thick white foam is rather large but quickly turns into a  lacy head with a slight cereal aroma.  I found this very pleasant and appreciated and found that it played nicely with the sweetness of the beer overall. 

Aroma is of bready yeasts, caramel malts with a hint brown sugar and floral hops also. Does have a slightly bitter finish but doesn’t last too long. Crisp and clean. Medium-bodied with decent carbonation.

Overall this tasty little American Amber, is a very clean beer and impressed me greatly. Novo Brazil is doing some great things with their beers in Chula Vista and I recommend checking them out.

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