Bossa Haze
Novo Brazil Brewing Company
7.6% ABV
60 IBU’s
Poured from a 16oz can into a Shaker glass.
The pour itself is a hazy golden straw color with really nice carbonation and very nice head retention, which quickly dissipated and added nice lacing to the glass as I consumed this tasty beverage. 
The beer itself is a collaboration with Creative Creature Brewing who helped introduce Samba Haze about a month ago. I definitely see Samba Haze in this beer, however the ABV percentage is ramped and is a very good example of a double IPA.. 
Bossa Haze is an unfiltered beer and is hopped with seven pounds of hops (Galaxy, Citra and Huell Melon)  per barrel.  It pours slightly hazy due to the dissolved solids and yeast haze. The aroma has a very tropical nose, but isn’t aggressively sweet despite the very fruity nose. 
The balanced carbonation adds a nice mouthfeel to the beer as well, and as the beer gets warmer the tropical fruity flavors are more pronounced and awaken the tongue even more..
I recommend this beer to everyone who likes a hazy, hoppy tropical double IPA!!!

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