Newcatle Werewolf Red Ale

No Full Moon Required: Newcastle Resurrects Werewolf Beer drinkers howl with delight as popular limited edition Newcastle Werewolf roars back to stores and pubs WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. –

The dog days of summer will soon turn to crisp autumn nights, but even sooner, thirsty beer drinkers won’t need to shape shift to get their fill of delicious, blood-red ale. Beginning in August, Newcastle is bringing its popular Werewolf Blood Red Ale back to pubs and retail locations nationwide. Like the nocturnal man-beast that serves as its namesake, Newcastle Werewolf has something of a split personality. Tear into a bottle or a pint and it mysteriously transforms – starting out smooth and mellow, then transforming to a bitter bite that will leave beer lovers baying at the moon. But you don’t need hair on your chest or glowing yellow eyes to enjoy the product. While it stays true to the characteristics of Newcastle Brown Ale, it features a seasonally advantageous palate – sweet berry fruit with roasted caramel notes up front followed by a bite from Fuggle and Golding hops at the finish. It is brewed with rye malts, making it naturally blood-red in color, and is 4.5 percent alcohol by volume with 23.4 International Bittering Units.

Charles van Es, senior director of marketing for HEINEKEN USA portfolio brands says:

“Fans have been anticipating the return of Newcastle Werewolf for nearly a year, and if they want to buy it, we’re here to sell it. Werewolf was the top-selling imported limited edition 12-pack in 2012, so we’d be crazy not to bring it back – at least until it disappears again in late October.”

Newcastle Werewolf was named for the mythical, wolf-like creature that is said to roam the bleak moorland surrounding Newcastle, England. The legend may or may not be true, but it serves as a pretty compelling marketing hook. Newcastle Werewolf will be supported by a national TV spot, local sampling (where legal), and point of sale materials and displays at retail. Newcastle Werewolf is available nationally from August through October 2013 in 6-packs and 12-packs priced comparably to Newcastle Brown Ale. Werewolf also will be available on draft at bars and pubs in most major markets. About Newcastle Brown Ale? A No Bollocks beer brand, Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 to satisfy thirst of hardworking Englishmen. Colonel Jim Porter crafted the ale with its own distinct golden brown color, lightly hopped taste and character that quickly became a local favorite. Best served cold, Newcastle Brown Ale has since become a world favorite as a dark beer that’s easy to drink. Newcastle Brown Ale is imported by the nation’s premier beer importer, HEINEKEN USA, headquartered in White Plains, New York.

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