NitroBrew, an innovative new technology that nitrogenates any beer at the point of service, is now available to beer fans, iced coffee lovers and home brewers at .  An ideal holiday gift, NitroBrew is the first commercially available product designed to bring nitrogenating technology into the home, enabling beer lovers to nitrogenate store-bought brews, hobbyist beer brewers to create their own nitro-style brews from scratch and iced coffee drinkers to make their own nitrobrew coffee at home. With no fancy faucets or elaborate set-up necessary, in under a minute, NitroBrew turns any beverage into a sensational, silky nitro-style masterpiece.

Nitro-style beverages are rapidly gaining popularity among beverage connoisseurs and foodies for their smooth mouthfeel and well-rounded flavor. 
“We’ve been seeing so many restaurants, cafés and bars across the country start to offer beer and cold-brew coffee on nitro. We thought it would be great to create a technology that helped people make their own nitro-style beverages at home,” said NitroBrew inventor and 25-year beer industry veteran Murthy Tata. “NitroBrew is a great holiday gift for people who’ve caught the nitro beverage craze.”
Each NitroBrew kit includes a kettle, a discreet charging station and an air compressor. The NitroBrew kettle is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
About NitroBrew
NitroBrew is a patented device that nitrogenates any pint of beer in under a minute, at the point of service. Available for bars and restaurants as well as home-use, the NitroBrew system infuses beer with nitrogen while reducing carbonation. Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen bubbles remain trapped as a tight, creamy head of foam, creating a smooth, silky mouthfeel. NitroBrew can also be used to infuse nitrogen into coffee and other beverages. For more information, please visit

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