Newcastle Introduces New World-Class British Beers to America With 2015 Variety Packs

Newcastle Introduces New World-Class British Beers to America With 2015 Variety Packs

Newcastle Introduces New World-Class British Beers to America With 2015 Variety Packs


When the first British explorers began roaming uncharted territory, they brought back fantastic tales of new sights, tastes and ways of life. In return, they also spread their legacy of world-class brewing to colonies around the world — and, yes, introduced bland food and not exactly first-rate dentistry while they were at it.

Centuries later, Newcastle Brown Ale is offering a far easier way to enjoy the finest British brews from the comfort of your very own home in the former colonies: the Newcastle Best of Britain Variety Pack. This new 12-pack puts The One and Only Newcastle Brown Ale alongside two new limited-edition beers, Newcastle British Pale Ale and Newcastle British Session IPA.

“This variety pack lets beer aficionados travel the world without having to renew their passports,” says Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “While we can’t afford plane tickets to the UK for all of our fans, our brand-new Collaboration Edition beers will bring the best of British beer to everyone.”

The Newcastle British Pale Ale is a modern update on a standard of British beer culture. Dry-hopping late in the brewing process gives this pale gold ale its character, resulting in an enhanced body and strength with solid hop bitterness and a satisfying citrus finish. At 5.8 percent ABV and 39 IBUs, it’s a bold counterpart to Newcastle’s traditional brown ale — signaled immediately by the beer’s striking red label.

The Newcastle British Session IPA is based on the original British export recipe. The beer is a mid-strength copper-hued ale with intricate hop nuances, resulting in incredible body complexity. The British Session IPA is 5.1 percent ABV and 45 IBUs, offering a hoppy Newcastle alternative for adventurous beer lovers. The bright green label immediately attracts the eye to this one-of-a-kind beer.

The Variety Pack continues the “Collaboration Edition” series of beers brewed in partnership with some of Europe’s oldest and most celebrated breweries. The Collaboration Edition series started with Newcastle Scotch Ale, which debuted in November with help from celebrity beer aficionado Wil Wheaton. Now, Newcastle’s continued partnership with Edinburgh’s Caledonian Brewery has produced two more brilliant bottles for American beer lovers to enjoy.

Twelve-packs of the Newcastle Best of Britain Variety Pack will appear in retailers across the country in April. Shoppers should look for the bold Newcastle Best of Britain Variety Pack logo on the crate-style packaging. Newcastle will introduce another round of Collaboration Edition beers in a second variety pack in early fall.

“One of our dreams is to get rid of the ‘intimidation’ factor that prevents so many people from enjoying more interesting brews,” Dohnert says. “Our variety packs are a great entry point for anyone who wants to take their beer exploration to the next level.”

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