• London’s first dedicated alcohol delivery app has launched in the Apple AppStore
  • Alcohol, tobacco, snacks and other ‘impulse goods’ delivered until 6am at local shop prices
  • Celebrating launch with an alcohol giveaway program to help raise interest and sign-ups to their service

London comes to life at night, which is unfortunately when most shops close’ quips Bevy CEO, Kevin Kovar ‘Bevy is our answer to having popular late night convenience goods delivered at the tap of an app, and at the same price as your local store.’

The app partners with major 24-hour retailers across London and offers their delivery service from 8pm to 6am every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. The ‘convenience tax’ to mobilise a Bevy Butler is a flat £5 and the start-up claims that delivery takes just 20 minutes on average. Thirsty customers can GPS track their order from the store, and all payments are handled within the app.

In order to fulfill their 20 minute delivery promise, Bevy has launched in a select number of London boroughs but plans to rapidly roll out their Butler fleet to fulfill demand ‘anywhere people want us’, determined by sign-ups via their website.

‘We’ve launched an alcohol giveaway to help get the word out about Bevy, but also define where the highest demand is for our service in London and the UK’ Kovar continues. ‘We have more than a dozen retail partners and double that number in Bevy Butlers to fulfill demand across London and we’re soon rolling out the service around the clock, in time for the holiday season when the city really comes to life!’

The giveaway is simple: The more friends you refer and who sign up on their website, the better the alcohol rewards they unlock. Bevy has partnered with premium alcohol brands including Guns N’ Rosé, And Union, Snow Queen Vodka, Babicka and Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne.

‘Our mission is to make sure you always have quick and affordable access to your favourite alcohol and convenience goods, whenever you want them’ says Kovar. ‘Whether you’ve run out of wine at dinner, find yourself empty handed at a party, or just want ice cream delivered to your couch, Bevy has you covered.’







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