New Belgium Brewing Company – Blue Paddle Pilsner Review

New Belgium Brewing Company – Blue Paddle Pilsner Review

New Belgium Brewing Company – Blue Paddle Pilsner Review


Founded in 1991, New Belgium Brewing Company is based out of Fort Collins Colorado. Famous for their Fat Tire amber ale, New Belgium now produces over 712,000 barrels annually. As the story goes founder  Jeff Lebesch visited Belgium in 1988 and traveled through villages famous for beer on a mountain bike with ‘Fat Tires”. When he returned, he used the knowledge and experiences he had abroad to brew his own craft beer and the rest is history.  


Appearance: The Blue Paddle pours a very pale gold with a medium size head. Very crisp and clear with carbonation bubbles visible as they rise

Aroma: Great dry pilsner aroma. Grainy with a hint of malty goodness

Taste: Somewhat dry with a mildley sweet aftertaste. Malt is present but not the main attraction. Both pilsner and lager flavor without being too bitter. Somewhat bready flavor that goes well with the hops and malt. More flavor than a traditional pilsner without the bitterness

Mouthfeel: Smooth and refreshing. Has a pretty high carbonation level that can have a bit of a bit on the tongue. That being said the carbonation level suites the beer nicely. Somewhat sweet at the end leaving the drinker wanting more

Overall: This beer is a great combination of both the traditional pilsner and lager. Crisp and refreshing, good flavors that are not too overpowering or bitter. Mild for a pilsner, bready and grainy taste that ends with a slight bit of sweetness. Good carbonation level that lends to its drinkability, highly recommend now that the weather is warm. Grab a six pack and hit the beach!

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