In honor of National Beer Can Appreciation Day (this Saturday, 1/25),  BevMo!’s beer experts wanted to share some of their favorite insights and facts with beer lovers across the coast.

  1. BevMo!’s best-selling can is the delicious Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Nationally, though, Coors, Budweiser and Miller still take the lead.
  2. Canned beer is more popular than ever, with sales are increasing by roughly 5% each year. Some craft breweries, like L.A.’s Golden Road, are offering beers exclusively in cans now.
  3. Washington beverage lovers consume more beer from BevMo! than shoppers in either California or Arizona!
  4. Cans are more portable, sustainable, easier to chill, and don’t break – great for outdoor activities and on-the-go lifestyle.
  5. Canned beer is better for the environment, because it is lighter to ship, thus more economical and fuel efficient. Also, aluminum is morerecycled by consumers than glass, and is infinitely recycled instead of breaking down over time.
  6. Keeps beer fresher for longer! Cans do a better job of blocking light and oxygen from hitting the liquid, preventing undesirable “skunky” flavors.

National Beer Can Appreciation Day

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