Mozango by Lagunitas Brewing Company

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Mozango by Lagunitas Brewing Company

7.7 ABV

49 IBU’s

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing. So, what’s at the heart of it? Is it the patient and diligent servant or the committed messenger, through their many routes and vessels? The salient soldier, slinging suds on the front lines daily, or the very brewers themselves? The answer is… we can’t tell you here. From seed to sprout to fruit, and back to seed, we’re all tangled on the same vine. And while fruit is momentary, the roots hold on for another season. It’s all just a matter of perspective…

The beer pours a clear golden body with a frothy off-white head; good retention; thick lacing. The smell is one of very pronounced juicy mango juice aroma, but smells very sweet. Smells of sweet flavors in general with notes of mango juice, orangey citrus, pine, light caramel, honey, and grain.

It pours an inauspicious clear light amber with a small fizzy head, but the smell holds much promise…mango, mosaic, good and funky and tropical.

As the flavors unfold, the malt influence begins to break apart and the hops take firm control of the middle palate. Passionfruit, papaya, apricot, under ripened oranges, pink grapefruit and of course… mango play out on the tastebuds, mostly of the under ripened variety, but the mango character is branch ripe, succulent and truly exotic. A grassy and green bitterness spices up the late palate for balance and dryness, bringing a character of chive, grassiness, green tea, sassafras and lemon verbena.

Fuller body, nice carbonation, mostly sweet but ends with a piney bite. I like the mango juice addition, but it adds to much sweetness in my opinion

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