It’s been 3 years since they’ve opened. Three years! As Monkish Brewing approaches this weekend which marks this milestone they are mindful of how grateful they are of you supporting and embracing their vision, brewery, people, and beers. Monkish Brewing wishes to thank you for another memorable year! — Adriana & Henry

Stop by this Saturday and enjoy a beer with them!

SAT 3.14 (1-8p) BEER LIST:
Monkish Brewing dug around and found some kegs and bottles to pour on Saturday. This is what they have so far:

CRUCIS  || single conditioned w/ brettanomyces (Brux)
ST. CITRA || Citra single-hop belgian pale
SELECT MONK 1 || multi-grain single dry hopped w/ Sorachi Ace
SELECT MONK 3 || multi-grain tripel dry hopped w/ Sterling and Sorachi Ace
SELAH || saison w/ brett
HEM & HAW || dark saison w/ brett
ARRIVANT || rye saison w/ brett
FUNKY HABIT || brown saison w/ brett
SEME DELLA VITA || tripel w/ pistachios and vanilla bean
CAFFE DELLA VITA || tripel w/ pistachios and vanilla bean AND COFFEE
APOPHATIC || dark specialty ale w/ orange peel, cinnamon, coriander,  fennel seed
DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL || belgianized imperial stout
BOURBON-BARREL-AGED MAGNIFICAT || bourbon-barrel-aged spiced winter ale
SHAOLIN KICK [ON CASK] || dubbel w/ sichuan peppercorns + THAI BASIL + SRIRACHA

Also they’re selling bottles of SELECT MONK 3 and a few bottles of DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL and APOPHATIC.

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