Modern Times – Lomaland Review

ABV | 5.5%
IBU | 30

Appearance: Once poured, this beer presents a pale golden color. The carbonation of this beer makes for a long lasting white head and a little bit of a haze throughout.

Aroma: At first whiff the notes that come off of this beer are very fruity and tropical with little to no alcohol aroma. Fruity esters definitely dominate the aroma and are often reminiscent of citrus fruit. Also a low floral hop aroma complements all the other notes. No single note overpowers another; the aroma is well balanced and clean.

Flavor: A combination of fruity and citrusy flavors supported by a low malt character, a low IMG_4588alcohol presence and a tart sourness combine well to make this beer very flavorful. The hop flavor is low and is a bit earthy in character. The hop bitterness created is medium, but it doesn’t overwhelm the other characteristics. There is a low malt factor that is present but it serves as a base character that supports the other flavors. The tart sourness is present but does not overwhelm other flavors, which is consistent with saison styled beers.

Mouthfeel: Modern Times – Lomaland is a light bodied beer. This beer has a high carbonation that lasts throughout. There is a low to moderate tart/sourness character that is present but is refreshing and not to the point of puckering.

Overall Impression: If you like sour beer, this one is for you. The slight sour after taste makes it pleasurable and easy to drink. The Lomaland by Modern Times is a perfect beer for any occasion. Be sure to check out this beer or any other top-notch beers from Modern Times. Be sure to try it out and come back to score it.

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