Modern Times Beer: Black House goes Mega!

Modern Times Beer: Black House goes Mega!

Modern Times Beer: Black House goes Mega!


We are over the moon excited to announce that May is Modern Time Beer‘s explosion of delicious Mega Black House and barrel-aged Monsters’ Park!

Their newest special release has emerged from the tanks, and holy hell is it delicious. Mega Black House is what happens when you take their year-round oatmeal coffee stout and juice it with 1.21 gigawatts of pure awesomeness. Coming in at 10% ABV, this imperial version of their celebrated Black House is loaded up with preposterous amounts of house-roasted coffee, which is a heavenly match for the huge, chewy malt profile underneath. This beer is best enjoyed in sips, with ample time to experience its beautiful, evolving complexity, and ample room to gesticulate wildly with pleasure.

Mega Black House is on shelves and taps in their distro areas now, and available on draft and in bottles at both tasting roomsMTHeader

Onto other news, May is about to play host to a mass-tapping of barrel-aged Monsters’ Park the likes of which the world has never seen. Starting mid-month, they’ll be hooking up a select number of extremely rad bars in each of their distro areas with kegs and bottles of Monsters’ Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels, as well as some of its even more elusive variants. What’s even more exciting than how much of this danksauce they’re delivering is how good it is. These last barrel-aged batches have been their best yet, and they absolutely can’t wait to share with all you humans out there.

Photo Credit: Modern Times

Huge fan of Modern Times? Us too. Check out some of their Upcoming Events:

Central Valley Launch at Kunisama in Fresno
FRIDAY, MAY 6th 5:00PM – 10:00PM

Their beer is going to be officially available for the first time in California’s Central Valley beginning in May. KuniSama in Fresno hosts the first official launch party. Draft List includes:

Blazing World
Fortunate Islands
Lomaland Saison
Black House Coffee Stout on Nitro
Fruitlands Apricot
City of the Dead
Orderville IPA
Booming Rollers IPA
Devil’s Teeth Aged in Bourbon Barrels
And More!

6825 N. Willow Ave #101, Fresno

Central Valley Launch Party at Spokeasy Public House in Fresno
SATURDAY, MAY 7th 2:00PM – 11:45PM

Spokeasy Public House will tap some of the first kegs of sweet, sweet Modern Times Beer in the Central Valley. Draft will be available at opening, along with bottles and cans available to-go. There will also be special bottles of barrel aged beers staggered throughout the afternoon. Let’s party. Draft list:

Fortunate Islands
Blazing World
Fruitlands w/ Apricot
Orderville IPA
City of the Dead
Mega Black House

1472 N. Van Ness Ave, Fresno

El Dorado Hills Art, Beer & Wine Festival
SUNDAY, MAY 8th 12:00PM – 4:30PM

They’ll be chilling at the El Dorado Hills Art, Beer, & Wine Festival and pouring some of their delicious libations, including Fortunate Islands and Lomaland Saison.

El Dorado Hills Town Center, El Dorado Hills, CA


MOTHER’S DAY with Modern Times Sunday Patio Party at Pita Kabob in Vasalia

SUNDAY, MAY 8th 12:00PM – 8:00PM

It’ll be a motherly Sunday Funday on the patio at Pita Kabob in Visalia. EVERYONE is welcome to come chill out with Modern Times, have some treats from the grill, and enjoy awesome beers. Tap list includes:

Fortunate Islands
Blazing World
Lomaland  Saison
Black House Coffee Stout on Nitro
Orderville IPA
Fruitlands w/ Apricot
City of the Dead
Booming Rollers IPA
and more!

227 N. Court St, Visalia

Hope to see you at some of these awesome events, humans! Stay tuned in to hear about more events like these with Modern Times on our website and social media!




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