We’re going out to set the “pairing dinner” world on it’s ear.

On October 11th, in our Garden out back, We’re going to hold the “Fall Pig Out”, a whole hog event.

Here’s what we’re proposing: we break a pig down into eight parts: ribs, shoulder, belly etc. The 8 chefs (or the Crazy 8… those of you who know them will understand) get together and blind draw their respective “pig part”.

Each chef will then pair their pig part (small portions kids… eight courses is committed eating!) with a beverage of their own choosing. Beer? Wine? Champagne perhaps? Maybe a highball is in order? It’s truly up to them as it’s interesting and kicks porcine butt.

Once we determine what everybody is doing, we’ll set the order so nobody is forced to deal with “crushed palate” after a big beer or wine.

We’re going to sell only 75 tickets and the tickets will be $125 a pop.
I know that’s pretty pricey, but this line-up will make it worth every cent.

Who are the Crazy 8? Hanis Cavin/Carnitas Snack Shack, Olivier Bioteau/Farmhouse Cafe, Anthony Sinsay/Burlap, Tommy Fraioli/Sea Rocket Bistro, Rich Sweeney/Southpaw Social, Matt Richman/Table 926, Kyle Bergman/Ritual Tavern, and Karl Prohaska/The Handlery Hotel

Each and every one of them love pork and it will show. Once the drawing is made and the pairings are dreamed up, we’ll announce who’s cooking what and what libations are on hand for the night. It should be a really, really good time.


Event will be held at the Handlery Hotel
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108
6:30PM – 11PM
in the Terrace Garden


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