Minus5º ICEBAR Unveils New Ice Sculptures Including King Kong and Pirates

minus5 2024 03 28 05 | Beerathon

Minus5º ICEBAR at The LINQ Promenade unveils new exhilarating ice displays, transporting guests to thrilling new winter wonderlands. Ideal for visitors of all ages to enjoy, the new sculptures capture the heart-pounding excitement of “King Kong,” electrifying energy of EDM music festivals and nautical adventures of pirates.

From a stunning siren to a tempting treasure chest sculpture, the pirate display features plenty of photo moments to enjoy. Guests traveling to Las Vegas this spring for its enormous EDM music festival can get into the festival spirit by partying with a DJ turntable and mixer made entirely of ice. Lastly, film buffs will enjoy the massively sized King Kong sculpture climbing the Empire State Building.

The new displays were created by award-winning master ice carvers Dan “Hollywood” Rebholz, Austin Greenleaf and Nick Smith, traveling from London to assist with this buildout. New, 250-pound blocks of ice were used in the construction. Each block of ice required four men to lift and hoist it into place. Prior to arriving in Las Vegas, the ice was created by utilizing a special process that removes all air bubbles, resulting in the clearest ice possible. The new construction represents part of Minus5º ICEBAR’s quarterly Staying COOL re-theming program to keep the experience fresh for guests.

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“Visitors can prepare to be awestruck by the sculptural appeal of these brand-new ice sculptures,” said Noel Bowman, partner, Minus5º ICEBAR. “With new surprises and adventures hidden around every corner, I genuinely think these are our best ice displays to date.”