Mind Haze Light IPA. The Low Calorie Beer ‘Light’years Ahead Of Its Time.

Firestone Walker Mind Haze Light IPA
Raymond Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

As you may know, we crash-landed on this Earth roughly 10 years ago, I remember the day as if it was yesterday. One minute we are traveling through the cosmos at light speed , the next we are stuck on an alien planet, wondering if we will ever make it back home… a scary thought no matter the species.

Not knowing the answer, we decided to explore the planet as a possible permanent dwelling. With that came a new mission… Survive.

Survival on this planet couldn’t have been easier for us. As Beer Aliens, we need beer to survive and lucky for us, Earth’s natural habitats had master the art of beer making. Through the years we have sampled different beer flavors and many beer styles. Most were good, some were bad but one specific brewery has piqued our interest as of late and for very good reasons.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company has spent years perfecting the IPA we know and love today by learning, experimenting and adapting techniques to create something truly special. The Mind Haze series specifically has changed everything I thought I knew about IPAs. From the first time I took a sip from the Mind Haze, I knew I have found my favorite IPA. However, for me Hopnosis was the catalyst.

Hopnosis awoke something inside of me, something I have never felt before. A craving, a thirst, a glimpse at a future of a new era for IPAs. Needless to say my curiosity was sparked and I needed to know more.

So we started incorporating Firestone Walker’s beers to our daily sustenance. We have created “Dark Matter” Chocolate Cupcakes using Firestone Walker’s Kookie Monster Double Milk Stout. And with Firestone Walker and Russian River collab, STiVO, we created “Asteroid Pretzel Balls“, both  were added to our Alien Cookbook section on this site.

We are pretty excited as today we are analyzing the latest in the Mind Haze DNA, Mind Haze Light IPA

Mind Haze Light is the latest entry into a family of IPAs that includes Mind Haze, Double Mind Haze and the Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack. It lands as a light, hazy IPA with high drinkability for the health-minded consumer.

Firestone Walker Mind Haze Light IPA

As the name states, this IPA is both hazy and light. It pours as a cloudy yellow color that reminds me of a sunset on Mars during a light sand storm. The strong citrus aroma only compliments the tone while a white cloud of foam sits on top the liquid, dissipating slowly and leaving a small layer behind. Perfectly carbonated,  this 100 calories beer demands to be drank/drunk? There’s seem to be a confusion in the human dictionary on the correct way to use this phrase. However the spelling, the message is loud and clear. Mind Haze Light IPA is a giant among its kind and deserves the respect.

As one hominid once said: “The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens”.  I say: “The only thing that scares me is the idea that there aren’t any elevated IPA”.

There are places on planet Earth , where common sense doesn’t apply but thankfully there are places where common sense strive. I believe Firestone Brewing is one of those places. We are filled with gratitude to be chosen among few, to be able to analyze the fruit of their labor is truly an honor.

We have traveled far and wide, to infinity and beyond (as a great astronaut once said) and Earth is by far one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. To say that we are grateful to be among the human race it’s an understatement. One of the greatest achievement in human history is the ability to make Beer and Mind Haze Light IPA is living proof. Perhaps a beer Lightyears ahead of its time.