Mike Hess Brewing - Claritas Beer Review
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Mike Hess Brewing – Claritas Beer Review
ABV | 5.8%
IBU  | 28

Kolsch styled beers are very popular for their drinkability and flavor. The ability to get a crowler to go from Mike Hess Brewing makes this a beer worth getting for any occasion.

Appearance: When held up to a light the color of the beer is a pale to light gold color. This style of beer has a non-lasting white head that is very delicate.
Aroma: At first whiff this beer has a very low malt aroma with sweet notes. The aroma is pleasant and contains subtle fruit/floral notes that balance well with the malt. The intensity of the aromas are very subtle but are clean and fresh.

Flavor: Soft, well balanced notes that combine subtle characteristics of malt and sweetness from the fruit notes. The beer has a medium-low bitterness with a slight dryness and a crisp finish with no real harsh aftertaste that adds to the drinkability of the beer. After a few sips, this beer remains clear and smooth throughout with none of the notes overpowering one another.

Mouthfeel: This style has a medium/smooth body. The carbonation of the beer is more of a medium to medium-high.

Overall Impression: This beer is clean, crisp and well balanced. The subdued maltiness makes the finish of the beer very pleasant and adds to the high drinkability of the Kolsch styled beer. Whether you’re on the go or in the mood to hang out, be sure to stop by at Mike Hess Brewing and pick up one of their award winning craft beers.

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