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Viking Alchemist Meadery to host Mead and Mischief on Oct 31 in Smyrna, GA

The Viking Alchemist Meadery will be hosting its annual Halloween event in Smyrna, this year, as the meadery expands the celebration to include other...

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Alcohol-free Guinness 0.0 to be available in US 2021

Guinness 0.0 boasts the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and unique dark colour of Guinness, without the alcohol.The journey to launching Guinness...

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Pure Project instead of Resident Brewing to take over Vista location of now defunct Iron Fist Brewing

Pure Project, a San Diego-based craft brewery, has announced that it is pursuing the former Iron Fist Brewing facility in Vista, CA. This comes...

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LUKI Brewery Uses New Wild Yeast Discovered In A Graveyard

LUKI Brewery is a circus-themed brewery that opened up during the pandemic in Colorado. They are releasing a sour called Potion 7B Blueberry Mango...

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Pure Project Brewing Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report

Pure Project, a San Diego craft brewery paving the way among environmentally conscious companies, has released its inaugural Sustainability Report. In an effort to track...

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Paulaner USA Brings Back The Classic German Pilsner

Paulaner USA, the U.S. importer of the legendary Paulaner Brewery portfolio and other premium beverage alcohol brands, announced today that they are bringing back...

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Barking Irons Spirits Launches New Applejack Brandy Campaign “New York To The Core”

New York's Applejack, Barking Irons, today announces their New York to the Core campaign.Rooted in the brand's provenance - Made in New York, entirely from New York State apples...

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