The fine humans at Melvin Brewing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming sent us some samples of their Mexican style lager called Heyzeus. They included a sombrero for our analysis alien, a mini piñata, some Mexican flags and confetti. So of course, our analysis alien threw a party to taste this beer and see what it was like. Being an alien who had never seen confetti before, he may or may not have gotten carried away with it.

Appearance: pale blond yellow, thin white head

Aroma: straw, light corn, cereal

Taste: corn and straw, hints of honey and perhaps a perceived lime since you humans usually put lime in these types of beers. Have we been on this planet so long now that we are tasting lime because these beers have been tasted with lime before versus actually being there?? hmmm…

Mouthfeel: clean, dry and crisp

Food Pairing: Melvin Brewing recommends the following food pairings:

  • blackened fish tacos with spicy cilantro lime slaw
  • shellfish
  • light seafood
  • sushi
  • grilled pork and chicken
  • Southeast Asian food
  • Mexican food
  • anything spicy

Overall: great example for the style but this particular alien wants more flavor going on when drinking beer. This means that from a rating perspective, Heyzeus is on point and exactly what it sets out to be. This alien could easily drink a six pack of this and enjoy each can despite not being a big fan of the style. If you are a human (or alien) that enjoys Mexican style lagers, then you will be hard pressed to find a finer example of this style. 

For more details on Heyzeus and for a Spotify playlist to accompany Heyzeus, visit the OFFICIAL PAGE.

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