Megan Stone From San Diego CBMAS 2020 Woman Of The Year

Megan Stone
Megan Stone

(CBMAS) announced Megan Stone – Brewer, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Advocate, Social Media Beer Influencer and Speaker – as recipient of the first-ever 2020 ‘Woman of the Year’ Award. Fellow industry peers selected Stone, who also serves as a CBMAS judge.

“This is a great honor. The craft beer industry is built by amazing, passionate people, and fueled by their diverse communities,” Megan Stone said. “I seize every opportunity that I can to talk about beer, but also discuss DEI, and the ways we can celebrate diversity, equality, and inclusion for a beautiful, stronger humanity.”

“As a female in the craft beer industry as well, I applaud Megan Stone’s efforts,” said CBMAS co-founder, Jackie DiBella. “We’re here to support her endeavors, and equally proud to honor and celebrate the amazing efforts our industry has contributed in our new category for Human Rights.”

Megan Stone
Megan Stone

When Megan Stone first posted in May of 2017 on Instagram with the handle “isbeeracarb,” she said she had no idea her path to social media stardom had begun. Megan’s travelogue posts exposed her unbridled lust for life, travel, friends, beer, fashion, and colorful hair. It began attracting followers – a lot of them. Today, Stone has over 33K followers on her Instagram page. Stone says she realized early on that fame provided an opportunity to meet new people throughout the world where she could talk about things she was passionate about (beyond beer).

Stone says she is no stranger to the backbreaking work of brewing. She paid her dues in a male-dominated beer industry to get where she is today. Megan’s career humbly began as a Dogfish Head Brewing beer server until an employee-brewing contest thrust her into the brewing-side full time. Stone grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and now lives in San Diego, California. Over the years, she has brewed, consulted, and marketed for breweries across the country. Clients have included Mispillion River, Refuge, Mikkeller, Modern Times, DuClaw, and Societe. Last year, Stone brewed collaborations in Panama and the UK, where she founded a diversity-inclusion apprenticeship with UK based Laine Brew Co.

“I’m so glad Megan Stone was nominated for this award. Her passion is contagious. She is a human rights warrior!” said CBMAs co-founder, Jim McCune.

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This year, CBMAs have extended to judging hard seltzer, cider, and mead. New categories have been added and the awards competition now includes entries from all over the world. Entries are now being accepted for judging by over 330 industry professionals.

Megan Stone From San Diego CBMAS Woman Of The Year