Beer Alien, being fascinated with all things beer, have begun interviewing professional brewers in order to better understand the humans that make the beer we love so much. Through these interactions we hope to better understand and appreciate the beer you humans create on this planet. 

We had the distinct pleasure of talking with Greg Peters of Saint Archer Brewing Company

Beer Alien: How long have you been a professional brewer?

I have been a professional brewer for almost 10 years. Working my way through Pizza Port Carlsbad and Solana Beach, Maui Brewing Company, Lost Abbey and now Saint Archer where I have been the Cellar Manager for the past year-and-a-half. 

Beer Alien: What is your favorite part of the job? least favorite part of the job?

Favorite part of the job would have to be working with an incredible team of people, and of course, blending beer which is an amazing creative outlet. Least favorite part of the job is working on spreadsheets…just tedious computer work of logging information in.

Beer Alien: How has your opinion of brewing beer changed from when you were a home brewer to now being a professional brewer?

I have actually never home brewed, which I know is not usually the path taken but I have always been interested in craft beer. When bartending and managing at Pizza Port I started to deliver beer to different bars and learned how to wash and fill the kegs, and when a spot opened up as Assistant Brewer I applied and got the job. 

Beer Alien: Share your most interesting brewing disaster.

A month after starting at Lost Abbey I was working alone at night filling the hot liquor tank before heading out, I came back a half hour later and the level hadn’t rose. Now, this was during the same time that Lost Abbey had taken over a new warehouse space so the brewery was under some construction. I checked around to see why the level wasn’t rising when I discovered that I had accidentally turned the valve which lead to an open pipe instead of the liquor tank. This resulted in me flooding the construction site with hot water. I ended up spending 4 hours mopping it all up. Now, it wasn’t all my fault since the pipe was supposed to be capped, but Tomme Arthur was not pleased with me to say the least. 

Beer Alien: On your days away from the brewery, what activities do you indulge in?

I like surfing, biking, hanging out with my dog Ruki, my girlfriend Britney and naturally sampling the great beer that San Diego has to offer. Also, I am in a band called Dead Feather Moon, so practicing and playing gigs with those guys is always a good time.

Beer Alien: What was the first beer you brewed? What do you remember about the experience? 

The first beer I brewed was the Carlsbad Chronic Amber Ale at Pizza Port Carlsbad, I was a month in as a brewing assistant and the Head Brewer had just quite and the Assistant Brewer was fired so I was thrown in without knowing much.  It was really a Baptism by Fire. 

Beer Alien: Was it good? 

No, I was told it actually tasted like glue. 

Beer Alien: If you could give one piece of advice to new home brewers trying to break into the industry what would it be? 

Just start from the bottom move your way up and work your ass off. 

Beer Alien: Tell us about Tusk & Grain. 

Tusk & Grain is a series of barrel aged beers with a new blend being released each year. There are four different Tusk & Grain beers, a barrel aged Barley Wine, barrel aged Imperial Stout and a barrel aged Imperial Porter. These three beers are then blended to create Tusk and Grain No. 1 with an added 30% fresh export stout. The Barley Wine lends a nice caramel note, chocolate notes come from the Porter and a pleasant roastiness from the Stout. This beer is extremely drinkable at 12% ABV, all the flavors blend together beautifully but the body is not too heavy. It’s like a stout you can drink on the beach. We are very excited about the next release as well which will be a barrel aged Coconut Stout. 

Check out this awesome video by Saint Archer Brewing Co. and Josh Landan:

For more information on Saint Archer Brewing Company and Tusk and Grain check out their:

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Be sure to follow us on Social Media as we invade more breweries and discover more awesome craft beers from all over the world! Cheers humans!

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: beeralien

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