The Aliens Behind Raymond and Terry. Beer & Metal Unite

The Aliens Behind Raymond and Terry

In the world of craft beer and heavy metal, two individuals, Raymond Melendez and Terry Bunch, found their paths intertwined, leading to the creation of This dynamic duo’s passion for both beer and metal has fueled their friendship and the success of their renowned online platform.

Their serendipitous meeting took place at a metal show at the iconic House of Blues in San Diego. United by their love for the thunderous beats and electrifying energy of heavy metal music, Raymond and Terry’s friendship flourished. Little did they know that their shared interests would later pave the way for the creation of

Raymond Melendez, a man of many talents, is not only a beer enthusiast but also a movie buff and the founder of, a prominent San Diego movie review website. Moreover, he established, a trusted source for heavy metal news and events in the San Diego area. Raymond’s diverse background and his unwavering dedication to both beer and metal have shaped his journey and his unique perspective on the industry.

Terry Bunch, on the other hand, is the creator of, a website devoted to music, games, books, and the occult. Terry’s expertise in digital media, along with his strong love of metal music, has enabled him to connect with fans all around the world. Terry has been instrumental in the growth and success of, with a creative vision and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Raymond and Terry have been on numerous excursions over the years, travelling across the country for concerts and beer festivals. These experiences have not only deepened their appreciation for craft beer and metal but also fueled their desire to create a space where beer news, events, and reviews could seamlessly coexist.

Thus, was born. Embracing a unique theme, the platform revolves around the story of two extraterrestrial beings who crash-landed on a mission but soon discovered their true purpose: to taste Earth beer, one brewery at a time. This imaginative concept adds an element of fun and adventure to the platform, capturing the essence of their shared passion for both beer and the extraterrestrial.

Through, Raymond and Terry have built a thriving community of like-minded individuals, providing a comprehensive resource for craft beer enthusiasts, metalheads, and those who appreciate the intersection of both worlds.

Their platform features a wide range of information, such as beer reviews, event coverage, industry news, and interesting pieces that bridge the gap between craft beer and metal.

One notable accomplishment for is their collaboration with Firestone Walker Brewing Company, one of the craft beer industry’s most known and regarded breweries. Firestone Walker proudly endorses Beer Alien as an official media partner, further establishing their status as a significant voice within the craft beer world.

With each passing day, continues to thrive and evolve. Raymond and Terry’s unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of their passions have propelled their platform to new heights. The voyage of these two, driven by their shared enthusiasm for craft beer and metal, has not only established a forum for knowledge exchange and community development but has also proven the enduring power of friendship and the seemingly endless possibilities that can result from the fusion of interests.

As continues to grow and expand its reach, one thing is clear: there is no end in sight. Raymond Melendez and Terry Bunch, the dynamic co-founders, will undoubtedly continue to champion the craft beer and metal scenes, creating a lasting impact and leaving their mark on the ever-evolving cultural tapestry that intertwines these two remarkable worlds.

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