Bibo Barmaid, a smart cocktail self-serve machine that allows consumers to create expertly crafted mixed drinks at home with the touch of a button, was voted “Coolest Kitchen Gadget” along with Nespresso, Google Home and other esteemed products by Architectural Digest’s Market Editor, Parker Larson. During a WABC-TV segment on the kitchen of the future, Ms. Larson specified top culinary devices to buy for the chef in your life during this holiday season.  Bibo Barmaid was one of her top 6 picks. The time and space-saving product is launching online via Kickstarter with 6 delicious flavors and will sell for $229.

The 3-part system includes: Bibo Barmaid countertop appliance, Bibo Cocktail Mixer pouches and one shot of alcohol. The Bibo Cocktail Mix pouches include naturally delicious flavors like Cucumber Melon, Tangerine Paloma, Margarita, and Appletini. A Bibo Shot Glass and shaker is also included so that users may customize their spirit selection.

Making Bibo cocktails is easy:   

  • Simply turn it on and fill it with cold water
  • Select and insert a cocktail mix pouch into the Bibo Barmaid
  • Pull down the handle and press the “Mix” button

Add your choice of alcohol*, ice, and a garnish

Voila! In less than 20 seconds, a professionally mixed drink is ready to enjoy.

*Bibo-Alcohol Pouches: Name brand shots in a unique package format. (Available for use with the system in the second quarter of 2017). Prior to pouch availability, each Bibo Appliance comes with a shot glass measured precisely to 50 ml so the drink is perfectly measured. Use our pouch (shown to the left and available Q2 ’17; Made in the USA) or your own favorite liquor brand with our cocktail shaker and shot glass (shown to the left) that are included.

Of course, the Beer Aliens are usually only drinking craft beer or craft distilled spirits so we are not always paying attention to cocktails, but we are intrigued by this machine. You humans are always creating new gadgets and when those gadgets involve alcoholic drinks, our alien ears perk up a bit. 

We will try to get our alien hands on one of these to put it through some analysis and testing, so stay tuned…


Bibo is the brainchild of Debra Walker, an innovative entrepreneur and 25-year veteran marketer of Fortune 500 brands. “I’ve hosted and attended many parties where the drinks were either too weak or too strong, and too many open alcohol bottles and mixers made it a mess, resulting in wasted leftovers”, says Walker.  “During a girlfriend get-together, I realized there had to be a better way to make cocktails. New technologies can make life easier and up the fun-factor. That’s what Bibo is all about. The world’s best bartender is right in your own home. Now you can make great drinks, choose from a wide variety of flavors, and forego the headache of buying all the ingredients and storing them after the party.”

Bibo has created eight flavors, including Bibo’s signature Cucumber Melon Martini, with the help of Givaudan’s mixologists.  Six flavors will launch this coming January in the U.S and Canada — just in time for Super Bowl.   “Flavor variety is the name of the game in today’s spirits and cocktail market, as consumers are not only looking for unique flavors, but also easy flavor-variety solutions,” said Eric Spenske, Givaudan’s Vice President of Marketing. “When Ms. Walker came to us and asked us to work with her in creating cocktail flavors ranging from the classics to beach cocktails to unique spa and garden flavors, we were thrilled to help. We believe that this single-serve solution — with these types of unique flavors — will be a huge success.”

Bibo is the perfect cocktail solution for a Girls’ Night Out, New Year’s Eve or a Super Bowl party, offering a variety of tastes without the hassle. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to maximize their mingle time over hosting time at a house party or simply relax with a drink at the end of a long day. The product will soon be available at various retailers and eventually in hotel chains for in-room cocktail ease.

“It’s time to ‘Rethink the Drink’ and revolutionize the way we enjoy refreshing adult beverages,” says Walker.   To pre-order your Bibo go to Kickstarter. 

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