On February 14th, Humans around the world will confess their undying love to someone very special in their lives. It’s a known fact that Flowers and Chocolates are the preferred gift for this day. But what if He or She have a second love, a secret affair if you will, with a strong, full bodied substance that we have simply come to known as BEER. Would that make you jealous? We sure “hop” not…

With our superb technology and knowledge, We have compounded a small list of beers that we should all be drinking this Valentine’s Day. Not in any specific order, here’s the list:



  • Chocolate Stout

  • Rogue Ales
  • Ebony in color with a rich creamy head. An earthy flavor of oats and hops that gives way to a rich chocolate truffle finish.

Bleeding Heart

  • Bleeding Heart

  • Second Self Beer Company
  • “Bleeding Heart,” brewed with cocoa nibs and organic Madagascar vanilla and inspired by the recipe for a traditional, Southern red velvet cake.


horny devil

  • Horny Devil

  • AleSmith Brewing Co.
  • Horny Devil is our interpretation of a Belgian-style Golden Ale. Brewed with authentic Belgian ingredients including candi sugar and a Trappist yeast strain, its fruity and spicy aromas include notes of orange, banana, and peppercorns. Coriander seeds add refreshing citrus notes which meld seamlessly with the beer’s delicate malt. Horny Devil finishes with a lively carbonation and a refreshingly dry finish.



  • My Bloody Valentine

  • AleSmith Brewing Co.
  • Don’t spend this Single Awareness Day alone – grab a beer! This red-blooded cousin of Evil Dead Red Ale, our Halloween Brew, is a beautiful crimson color. Notes of caramel, toast, and bittersweet chocolate balance an intense bouquet of floral hop aromas that we know you’ll fall in love with. The finish leaves a pleasant, full-bodied sweetness on the palate that won’t spread angry rumors about you to all your friends like that one time when I was…ohh…uhh…Happy Valentine’s Day!



  • Sexual Chocolate

  • Foothills Brewing
  • A cocoa infused Imperial Stout. Opaque black in color with a dark brown head. Big chocolate aroma with notes of espresso, blackstrap molasses, dark sweet toffee and dark fruit. Smooth dark chocolate backbone with complex notes of coffee, dark toffee and dark fruit.




  • Sex Panther

  • SanTan Brewing Co.
  • Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter is a Winter Seasonal that is brewed with Colonial Rosewood Cocoa and large amounts of Chocolate malt giving this beer a huge chocolaty flavor combined with hints of truffle and molasses. White Wheat is added to give Sex Panther a smooth, creamy head that lasts all night!


  • Beast Mode

  • Sixpoint Brewery
  • Beast Mode pours chocolate lab with ruby highlights. The nose is downright beastly – coffee, roast, hops, caramel. The texture is medium bodied with roasted bitterness upfront on the tongue, followed by sweet toffee and malt on the tail end. The beer finishes dry without any lingering bitterness. Lots of bark but it won’t bite – just a howler and growler. Keep the fire going, and the ritual. Love your beast… It’s Mad Science.

velver glove

  • Velvet Glove

  • Iron Fist Brewing Co.
  • You know the expression, “A Velvet Glove and an Iron Fist”? It was coined to refer to a regime that used a soft exterior to hide its punishingly unforgiving nature. This seems an apt description for our Velvet Glove. Its placid appearance and unparalleled smoothness hide the truth; this is one fiendishly strong stout. Rich, chocolaty espresso dominates the flavor profile, with a velvety smooth texture that will haunt your senses.



  • Me So Honey

  • Belching Beaver
  • This beer is smooth with lingering tastes of honey. It is made right here in Poway from wild flowers and cloves. This is a very drinkable beer for both the novice craft beer drinker to the experienced triple IPA beer guy. We have gone through kegs of this beer already.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day beer we did not mentioned? Let us know… We do have a comment section bellow for your pleasure. Just clean after yourself.


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