Lone Pine Brewing Releases Pumpkin Party

PUMPKIN PARTY PUMPKIN ALE (4.2% ABV) is Lone Pine Brewing’s deep dive into the guiltiest of craft beer pleasures. Join them in sweetly surrendering to the autumn vibes with their latest pumpkin-based creation, because it’s never too early for a Pumpkin Party.

Containing REAL pumpkin and REAL spices (it’s weird that the Lone Pine humans have to specify that, right?), Pumpkin Party is balanced in a medium-amber ale with traditional German hops and painfully selected custom blend of seasonal spices (it’s not all about the cinnamon).

Offering a round, yet crisp profile, Pumpkin Party starts with aromas of nostalgic seasonal spices and a sweet roasted character that lead to flavors of graham cracker, pie crust, and sweet pumpkin pie filling. Balanced but unrestrained, this is Lone Pine Brewing’s understated approach to their favorite/the most contentious fall flavor profile.


Love pumpkin or hate it, Pumpkin Party is joyfully determined to change hearts and minds of the naysayers and the closeted devotees. Real pumpkin, real spices, and real balance. Because if you’re going to sell your soul to Ichabod Crane, you might as well make good liquid. Lone Pine doesn’t see how a pumpkin beer can be more sincere than this one.

PUMPKIN PARTY WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THEIR TASTING ROOMS STARTING TODAY and is already out the door for distribution throughout Maine. Lone Pine Brewing is also putting together a literal Pumpkin Party at their production facility in October (more on this soon).


For more information about Lone Pine Brewing, visit: https://lonepinebrewery.com/

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