Green Flash was Live at Cellar 3 for Comedy Night with Finest City Improv on Friday, December 2nd from 7:00pm-9:30pm in the Barrel Room at Cellar 3 located at 12260 Crosthwaite Cir, Poway, CA 92064.


Blanc Tarte Barrique 6.0%

The aliens attended this hilarious event featuring Finest City Improv, a San Diego unscripted comedy team that leaves humans (and aliens!) breaking into a chorus of raucous laughter in the isles. Upon arrival, we entered the Cellar 3 Tasting Room to a packed house of a variety of humans enjoying the finest offerings of a plethora of Barrel Aged beers, as well as mouth-watering selections from the Green Flash and Alpine Beer Menu. A beer of note on tap was Ochre Frumento Barleywine aged in bourbon and brandy barrels at 17.5% ABV from the Barrelmaster series. This alien’s favorite go-to beer at Cellar 3 is the Blanc Tarte Barrique Sour Blond Ale aged in wine barrels at 6.0% ABV.

After the crowd in the Tasting Room was sufficiently stocked with their favorite libations, we were gradually checked in and guided into the Barrel Room, where we were free to find our seats among a few rows of chairs lined up in two sections facing the stage.

For the first 45 minutes, the Finest City Improv team exchanged brief interviews with barrelmaster Pat Korn about how and where his stellar brewing career started, with unscripted “re-enactments” of the people and places where it all began. This included a demonstration of Pat Korn being more of a beer “geek” than a beer “nerd”. Pat was also asked what his favorite beer was, to which he replied, “Oculus Sauvage with Black Currant”.


Oculus Sauvage with Black Currant 9.4%

There was a 15-minute intermission for the crowd to obtain and consume more amazing Barrel-Aged Cellar 3, Green Flash and Alpine beers in the tasting room, before the final 45 minutes of delightful comedy. What a perfect opportunity to taste and enjoy Oculus Sauvage with Black Currant, a Belgian-Style Imperial IPA aged in red wine barrels with brett & black currant at 9.4% ABV. Humans, this beer is an IPA unlike any other, you must try it now before it’s gone!!

After intermission, Finest City Improv switched things up, and encouraged fellow humans in the audience to come up and participate in a rapid series of short games to test both Improv members and the audience’s skills of clever humor and ad lib. These games had various names: Dirty-Hand Randies, Rant & Rave, ABC, and Beastie Rap. One side of audience was nicknamed “The United States” for offering fairly tame topic suggestions for the Improv team to vamp on, and the other side was nicknamed “South Country” for offering more adult-rated topics to the team when asked.

By this this time, both humans and aliens were entertained and responded with loud, raucous laughter to Finest City Improv’s rapid-fire “bravery” for not turning down a topic, no matter how far “South” it went at times! Let me tell you, these humans can be relentless and came up with some quite creative “South” material for the comedians to spin into a “theatrical performance”. We left in a great mood and ready to take on whatever came up next on Planet Earth.

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