Las Vegas Wine Academy relaunches

Las Vegas Wine Academy is so excited to now relaunch.
They have so much new content coming and they would love your input, humans. It’s always been Las Vegas Wine Academy’s intent to provide high quality online learning content to not just their local community, but to all humans (and us aliens) around the world.
Las Vegas Wine Academy is finalizing 3 new online wine classes and they would love to know which one you would like to see them launch first. They are deciding between:
1. Wine 101: Noble Grapes 
An introduction to Wine focusing on the most well-known grapes and the winemaking process. A must to expand your wine knowledge and start your wine journey with panache!
2. Wine Shopping 101: Selecting the right wine
A complete guide on how to select the right wine for your needs. How to make your way through a restaurant’s wine list and retail shelves and be an expert at choosing wine for any occasion!
3. Whisky 101: different styles of whiskies
An introduction to whisky covering the many styles of whiskies around the world and their individuality. Perfect to learn more about one of the most popular spirits!
Please let them know your favorite choice for which class they should be bringing to you first.
Of course, please don’t hesitate to share with them some other topics you would like them to focus on too. Las Vegas Wine Academy is always looking for new ideas and they want to make sure that they are covering everything YOU want to learn!
Las Vegas Wine Academy will be hosting in the coming weeks live sessions of their Wine Seminar Level 1 and Wine Seminar Level 2.
Check out the enrollment page Here

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