A craft beer scene does not just happen. It has to be created by the fans of craft beer in their area. Las Vegas is a city that has a growing craft beer scene, but each new business owner has a huge struggle ahead of them if they want to succeed. Without the support of local craft beer drinkers, small independent craft beer focused bars stand almost no chance against the big casino bars and chain outlets. One such independent bar is Owl on Russell Road.

Owner Stephan Galdau has dedicated himself to creating a craft beer bar that also supports local artists by giving them wall space in an onsite gallery. Owl guests can look at and purchase the local art while enjoying craft beer. Owl also offers farm to table food, including vegan options for you humans who avoid Earth animal based foods. Owl however needs your help Las Vegas. Stephan Galdau needs more customers to raise more funds to keep his 24 tap handles flowing and the kitchen cranking out food. 

Beer Alien recently visited and we were saddened to see half of the tap list empty because Owl just doesn’t have enough clientele yet to keep all the taps ready to go. You, Las Vegas craft beer drinkers, can change that. By supporting Owl, you are helping grow your craft beer scene which leads to more craft beer friendly venues. This is how a craft beer scene grows, one bar and brewery at a time.

Owl is a small, fun place to relax and enjoy drinks with friends. You can sit in the bar area or head into the art gallery where there is additional seating. The staff are fiercely proud of their bar and all they want is the chance to succeed and impress you.

So next time you want to head out for some craft beer, a cocktail or need some human food, head to Owl and give them some support. You will know that you did your part to help the Las Vegas craft beer scene grow by one more bar. Beer Alien’s motto is “Tasting Earth’s Beer, One Brewery At A Time” and we want you to adopt that mentality. Explore Las Vegas craft beer, “one place at a time.” Everyone wins in the end. More craft beer means more happy humans… and aliens too.


OWL is located at 3990 W Russell Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89118

(702) 597-1550


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