Gather around, our San Diegan humans! We have a little secret for you. This past weekend The La Jolla Golden Triangle had their annual community event: The Quintessential Festival April 23rd at the Nobel Athletic Fields & Rec Center in La Jolla.  This was our first time attending, and we can tell you, what this beer fest lacks in size it makes up for in quality! 
We entered this open-air-green-lawn festival with our wristbands and a good attitude and quickly got swept away in all the fun. There were tents set up around the perimiter in their “entertainment garden” with a slew of different craft breweries, wineries, distilleries and craft food pairings. There was a live band in the far corner, and tables and tents with welcomed shade on this particularly hot, sunny afternoon. 
Going from one tent to the next, we never really had to wait in line, although there was a good turnout. No long lines and people pushing through you to get to the beer, yes! On the contrary, people were all very jolly and talkative. We met so many fun locals and made friends with numerous dogs over by the Dogtopia tent. 
After sampling all the craft beer and having nibbles in between (think Nomad Doughnuts, handcrafted sausage, vegan chocolate, and gourmet jerky) we headed just outside the perimeter to get our hands on even more food at the food trucks parked just outside. We chowed down on Cuban food, while still being able to hear the live band inside. For our next round inside we sampled some kobucha, cold brew coffee, and some of the craft distilleries!
All in all, we felt that this was truly a celebration of the Quintessence of San Diego… even if most of us got a little Quintesshitzselled (just as the hats imply). It was a little glimpse into some of the amazing food and drink San Diego has to offer, in a hot sunny environment with the fun, energetic people. 
The Rotary Club has been holding similar events for over 15 years. Their hope is to build a collaborative event that brings people together from throughout San Diego and raise awareness and funds for the great projects Rotary is doing locally and globally. This event celebrated their 30 Years of service in their community.
So humans, we hope to see you next year at one of the finest beer festivals San Diego has to offer!
Special Thank You to Jim Davies for putting on a great beer fest and inviting the Aliens by to come by and check it out.
Proceeds from the event went to a variety of charities supported by The La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club. 
Click here for more information about the event, or visit the Quintessential Festival Facebook page.
goldenFor more information about The La Jolla Golden Triangle, visit their: WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter

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