Kit NA Brewing Launches Friggin’ Awesome Sober October

kit na sober october 2023 h | Devils River Whiskey

Kit NA Brewing, the award-winning and crushable non-alcoholic beer brand is excited to announce the launch of “Friggin’ Awesome October,” a month-long program aimed at embracing life’s joyous moments and celebrating self-expression.

This initiative comes as a twist on the concept of the conventional “Sober October,” and invites participants to embrace something refreshingly transformative; to have their most Friggin’ Awesome month yet by celebrating the power of choice. This revamped approach isn’t just about abstaining from alcohol – it’s a call to channel your energy into becoming the best version of yourself, all while enjoying the refreshing companionship of Kit NA Brewing’s non-alcoholic beer.

Aiming to foster a sense of community throughout the month of October, participants are encouraged to capture authentic moments through photos that highlight their unique personalities while being the most vibrant version of themselves. Whether it’s capturing a breathtaking sunset, showcasing a new talent, or simply enjoying their favorite moments, participants can spend the month with Kit, making October the most Friggin’ Awesome month ever!

Participants can enter to win a Friggin’ Awesome wellness kit by posting their candid moments with Kit on social media and using the hashtag #HaveAKit, or by entering directly on the website. Winners will be chosen at the month’s end.

For more information about “Friggin’ Awesome October,” including how to participate and prize information, please visit Follow Kit on Facebook and Instagram at @kitnabrewing.