hoptas voy ipaSan Diego’s District 6 has proven to be prime territory among the local craft beer scene. Consisting of neighborhoods such as Kearny Mesa, Sorrento Valley, Clairemont, Mira Mesa, and Miramar (or Beeramar to locals), District 6 has played host to a notable portion of San Diego’s breweries. There is plenty to find among these neighborhoods, but Kilowatt Brewing has risen to prove itself as a gem among the district and the San Diego beer scene in general. This year’s Beer Week was Kilowatt’s first and they made sure to leave a great impression. They released a line of Green Tea infused Blonde Ales and a series of single hop IPAs called the Voyage Hoptastic IPA. The appeal of the releases was enough to drive in a big crowd for the Kilowatt Brewing crew. They sure did live up to the pressure.

IMG_3246I was greeted by the strong malty aroma of Kilowatt’s brewers hard at work. Humans on the inside didn’t seem to mind having the added bonus of the aroma from the brewing. Waiting for me was a pint of the Mosaic Hoptastic Voyage IPA. The first single hop IPA released from Kilowatt for Beer Week. This release serves some bitter justice for the Mosaic hop. The Mosaic Voyage IPA hits the drinker with a heavy-bodied bitter punch that one would expect from an IPA, but the beer helps highlight the piney and citrus characteristics that Mosaic hops are known for. It is a solid single-hop beer and great for unfamiliar drinkers to learn how different hops affect the characteristics of beers. The beer also featured slight hints of Belgian yeast, even though it was using a California Ale Yeast. While the Mosaic IPA left a great impression, the true stars of the night were the Green Tea Ales. Attracting the curiosity of dozens of eager San Diego beer lovers, many filed in to grab some tasters of the intriguing brew. The curiosity paid off as many were treated to a complex, but awesome brew. The ales were brewed as Blonde Ales with Green Tea and a variety of other flavors added in. The Blonde Ale helped retain subtle flavors of the green tea while IMG_8980allowing the added flavors to flourish. The White Ginger Peach variety caused the ginger to create a bubbly-sparkling like texture while the peach carried the taste all the way. The Passion Fruit variety allowed the green tea to flourish while carrying subtle fruity hints of flavor. The colorful and light bodied beer is a testament to what brewing beer is capable of. The ones you need to try are the White Chocolate Blueberry Green Tea Ale & the Passion Fruit Green Tea Ale! Don’t miss out on these great beers! The Green Tea Ales showcase a different side of beer that breaks away from the mold and invites a different audience that generally might intimidated by the talks of bitter hops and heavier beers. Yet again, Kilowatt never settles itself within the mold.
As I sipped on my White Ginger Peach Ale, a human named John sat by me and almost blew my cover. However, after I assured him I was a human, John and I talked about everything from brewing sour beers to the policies that lead San Diego beer to the place it is today. A hardcore Scotch-Ale fan, John was curious about the use of Mescal in their Scotch-Ale. IMG_3247Overhearing the conversation, Heather, one of Kilowatt’s beer-tenders, proceeded to slip us a blend of One 63 Stout and Bourbon Vanilla Oak Amber Ale as it is officially known, “Heather’s Blend (for the moment).”

Coming into a place like Kilowatt is a refreshing breath of air. The beer list is filled with curious and delicious brews alike that leave new guests with hard decisions to make. Kilowatt ran out of some of their main beers while I was there, but it was almost a good thing because it enticed the guests to try something they may have never attempted in the first place.  

green teaKilowatt is run by dedicated workers who run a “nano-size” operation. The demand is starting to build on the crew but as Ryan, a brewer at Kilowatt puts it, “I’m happy to be making beer,” as an enthusiastic smile formed on his face. And I am sure the guests were happy to enjoy these experimental beers. For their first Beer Week, the crew at Kilowatt certainly showcased what they were all about. Plus those LED hop lights were awesome.

You can follow them on Instagram or Twitter @Kilowattbeer and at their website for the rest of their beer week activities. 


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