The 2015 Great American Beer Festival® (GABF®) awards ceremony was held in Denver, Colorado last weekend, and the Karl Strauss brewing team proudly headed back to San Diego with 3 medals awarded across a wide range of beer styles – International-Style Pale Ale, South German-Style Hefeweizen, and American-Style Black Ale.

Karl Strauss was one of only eight breweries, out of the 1,552 breweries competing at this year’s GABF®, to win three or more medals. Long recognized for having an award-winning line of core beers, the brewery won medals for two experimental, small batch releases and a seasonal favorite.

Windansea Wheat added a bronze medal to its growing collection, bringing its total count to ten medals awarded in beer competitions. This winning batch of the core seasonal release was brewed out of the company’s main brewery in Pacific Beach. In addition to this brewing facility, Karl Strauss uniquely operates a network of 8 satellite breweries where brewers are encouraged to experiment with new styles and brew what inspires them. The medal-winning Black Ale, Singularity, was brewed by Matt Dale at the satellite brewery located in Costa Mesa. The medal-winning San Diego-Style IPA was brewed by Lyndon Walker at the satellite brewery in La Jolla.

“We have a highly talented, creative team of brewers. It’s awesome to give them artistic freedom to brew dynamic beers at our satellite breweries. Winning medals for two small batch releases is a testament to their talent and the success of our small batch program. And medaling again on our Bavarian Hef reinforces that we also make world-class beers in traditional styles.” – Karl Strauss Brewmaster Matt Johnson.

In just the last 6 years, Karl Strauss has amassed a trophy case of 85 medals won at the most prestigious regional, national, and international competitions.

“We are honored to have helped launch San Diego’s craft beer scene and we’re stoked to keep winning medals across such a range of beer styles,” says Johnson.

2015 GABF® medal-winning beers from Karl Strauss Brewing Company:

  • San Diego-Style IPA: Bronze, International-Style Pale Ale. Karl Strauss’ brewers have been hard at work developing a recipe for the perfect San Diego-style IPA that showcases hops, front and center. This award-winning batch offers citrusy hop-forward aromatics, tropical fruit flavors and a crisp, hoppy finish.
  • Windansea Wheat: Bronze, South German-Style Hefeweizen. A seasonal offering, this true Bavarian-style Hefeweizen is brewed with a centuries old strain of German weissbier yeast that yields flavors of clove, banana and bubble gum for a refreshing beer that needs no citrus fruit garnish.
  • Singularity: Silver, American-Style Black Ale. Singularity is an experimental Black IPA. Black and toasted caramel malts give this beer complex, bready, roasted flavor while additions of Warrior and Cascade hops provide grapefruit and floral hop character.

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