Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza
ABV: 8%

I had this tasty beverage poured from a 375ml bottle into two fluted beer glasses,  and as the beer came to temperature the flavor and nose profiles really began to wake up as well.

Pillowy white, foamy head atop a golden, slightly hazy from a seemingly never-ending bubbles emanating from the beer. There is a slight pepper tingle to the nose, but I also got some tart apple off the nose in addition to the taste as well. As the beer warmed up the funkiness became more apparent as well.  In addition to the slight tart there was also a underlying sweetness as well to this year round beer from Jolly Pumpkin. 

This beer is a very true to the style, dangerously easy to drink, medium bodied Bier De Garde. However this beer is clearly more of a wild, feral ale as the funk has complete control of this beer. All of these features make this golden beers ABV disguised incredibly well. Definite balance of sourness and Brettanomyces funk as well. 

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