Jolly Folly IPA Review - Green Flash Brewing
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Jolly Folly IPA
ABV | 7.7%
IBU  | 71

Aroma: Typical with a traditional IPA, the hop aroma is intense at first whiff. While the hops are prominent one is able to pick up piney, citrus and floral notes. A subtle malt character is also present and mixes well with the rest of the notes.

Appearance: Once poured the beer is that of a golden copper color, a frothy white head and with a slight haze to it. Although it is a bit hazy, it remains relatively clear and consistent with the IPA style.IMG_4876

Flavor: The hop flavor is the first thing one tastes but is immediately followed by citrus and pine notes. The Jolly Folly has a well-balanced bitterness that is within the IPA style. The
subtle malt notes help balance the beer out and provide a smooth taste that helps with the undeniable crispness of the Jolly Folly.

Mouthfeel: It has a smooth mouthfeel with a medium body without any hop-derived astringency. The medium carbonation of the beer can cause a dry sensation but it does not take away from the flavor, it actually helps to bring out the presence of the malt.

Overall Impression: The Jolly Folly IPA from Green Flash Brewing is a clean crisp beer that does not overpower at all. Even if you’re a human that doesn’t like IPA styled beers be sure to give this beer a try and keep an eye out for more great tasting Green Flash beers. Hoppy Holidays!

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